Chapter 9 A Game of Thrones Chapter 11

Chapter 10Edit

Page start(paperback version): p. 93

POV Character: Jon Snow


Jon climbs the stairs to Bran's room, thinking that it might be the last time. Catelyn is there, having never left Bran's side for close to a fortnight, sleeping and eating there, which is why Jon has been avoiding the room. She resents Jon's presence, and after Jon says goodbye she tells him to leave or she will call the guards. Jon, angry, goes in anyway, and she doesn't protest further.

Bran is emaciated and shrunken. Jon tells him of how he's going to the Wall, and remembers how much Bran had been looking forward to the journey before him. Catelyn suddenly says that she had been wishing for Bran to stay home with her, and her wish seems to have been granted. Jon says it is not her fault, and she lashes out at him. As he is leaving, she says that it should have been Jon who fell.

Jon goes down to the yard, where things are in an uproar as the party prepares to leave. Robb says that Benjen is looking for Jon. Jon and Robb hug farewell, and then Jon says he has one more farewell to make. He goes to see Arya, who is repacking her things, not having folded them well enough the first time. Jon says he has a secret present for her, and she sends Nymeria out to guard the door. He gives her a sword, a narrow one, and tells her to practice with it when she can. She asks about its name, and Jon tells her it's named "Needle".

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