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[[Tyrion]] rides north from [[Winterfell]] with [[Benjen Stark]] and [[Jon Snow]], as well as two of his own retainers. Near the edge of the [[wolfswood]] they meet up with [[Yoren]], another member of the [[Night's Watch]], with two peasant boys condemned to join up. [[Tyrion]] notices [[Jon Snow]] looking at their new companions and wondering about the [[Night's Watch]]. [[Benjen Stark]] doesn't like [[Tyrion]], and is not sparing him anything, driving him hard on his mount.
They make camp on the eighteenth night of their journey. Being too small to help, [[Tyrion]] goes away from the camp with a book on [[dragon (A Song of Ice And Fire)|dragon]]s. He has always been interested in [[dragon (A Song of Ice And Fire)|dragon]]s. He remembers the [[dragon (A Song of Ice And Fire)|dragon]] skulls in [[King's Landing]] from when he went to his sister's wedding. According to the tales, King [[Loren]], the ancestor of the [[Lannister]]s, fought against [[Aegon Targaryen]], but the three dragons accompanying the [[Targaryen]] army made short work of their opponents.
[[Jon Snow]] approaches [[Tyrion]], asking why he reads so much. [[Tyrion]] says his body is twisted and weak, so he must rely on his mind, and keep it ever sharp. He tells [[Jon Snow|Jon]] he was reading about [[dragon (A Song of Ice And Fire)|dragon]]s, and how he used to fantasize about them as a child, especially getting his revenge on less favourite members of his family. [[Jon Snow|Jon]] denies ever feeling that way, but [[Tyrion]] prods at him, saying he must resent getting [[The Wall]] when [[Robb Stark]] gets [[Winterfell]].
[[Jon Snow|Jon]] gets angry when [[Tyrion]] starts telling him what the [[Night's Watch]] is really like, and as [[Tyrion]] is moving to apologize, [[Ghost (Direwolf)|Ghost]] knocks him down. Unable to get up, [[Tyrion]] is forced to beg for [[Jon Snow|Jon]]'s help, which he does readily, being far from a stranger to humiliation. Then the two of them share a wineskin and joke about "grumkins and snarks" before returning to the campsite.
==Character List==
==Character List==

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