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Chapter 12 A Game of Thrones Chapter 14

Chapter 13[]

Page start(paperback version): p. 118

POV Character: Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion rides north from Winterfell with Benjen Stark and Jon Snow, as well as two of his own retainers. Near the edge of the wolfswood they meet up with Yoren, another member of the Night's Watch, with two peasant boys condemned to join up. Tyrion notices Jon Snow looking at their new companions and wondering about the Night's Watch. Benjen Stark doesn't like Tyrion, and is not sparing him anything, driving him hard on his mount.

They make camp on the eighteenth night of their journey. Being too small to help, Tyrion goes away from the camp with a book on dragons. He has always been interested in dragons. He remembers the dragon skulls in King's Landing from when he went to his sister's wedding. According to the tales, King Loren, the ancestor of the Lannisters, fought against Aegon Targaryen, but the three dragons accompanying the Targaryen army made short work of their opponents.

Jon Snow approaches Tyrion, asking why he reads so much. Tyrion says his body is twisted and weak, so he must rely on his mind, and keep it ever sharp. He tells Jon he was reading about dragons, and how he used to fantasize about them as a child, especially getting his revenge on less favourite members of his family. Jon denies ever feeling that way, but Tyrion prods at him, saying he must resent getting The Wall when Robb Stark gets Winterfell.

Jon gets angry when Tyrion starts telling him what the Night's Watch is really like, and as Tyrion is moving to apologize, Ghost knocks him down. Unable to get up, Tyrion is forced to beg for Jon's help, which he does readily, being far from a stranger to humiliation. Then the two of them share a wineskin and joke about "grumkins and snarks" before returning to the campsite.

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