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Chapter 14 A Game of Thrones Chapter 16

Chapter 15

Page start(paperback version): p. 139

POV Character: Sansa Stark


One morning, when they are staying overnight at an inn near the Trident, Septa Mordane informs Sansa that they have been invited to ride in the wheelhouse with Queen Cersei and Princess Myrcella. Sansa goes to look for Arya to tell her about the invitation, and finds her on the banks of the river with her direwolf. Arya says that she's not joining them, instead intending to go with Mycah to look for rubies in the river; she doesn't want to go into a windowless wheelhouse.

Sansa remembers how Arya went exploring in The Neck and brought their father flowers, which turned out to be poisonous. She doesn't understand how her sister can prefer running around in dirty clothes with smelly commoners to eating lemon cakes with a queen. Arya says she doesn't even like the queen, and she can't even take Nymeria into the wheelhouse; she insists that she's going riding instead, and Sansa gives up. She also doesn't understand how her sister can be so different, more like Jon Snow than Sansa herself.

When she returns to the camp near the inn, she sees a crowd gathered near the wheelhouse. An honour guard has been sent from King's Landing to accompany them the rest of the way, with two more members of the Kingsguard.

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