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Chapter 1 A Game of Thrones Chapter 3

Chapter 2[]

Page start(paperback version): p. 22

POV Character: Catelyn Tully Stark


Catelyn goes to Winterfell's godswood, where she knows her husband will be after killing a man. She mislikes the godswood, which is much older and darker than the sunny place of Riverrun. When she finds Eddard, he asks after the children, and Catelyn tells him they are deciding on names for the wolves.

Eddard says the man he slew is the fourth deserter this year, that the Night's Watch is dwindling. He says that one day he may have to fight Mance Rayder himself, but Catelyn warns him that there are darker things beyond the Wall.

Eddard asks why Catelyn has come, and she tells him that Jon Arryn, his foster father and her brother-in-law, is dead. The news came in King Robert's own hand. Catelyn says the widow and her son have returned to the Eyrie. Eddard urges Catelyn to take the children to keep her sister company, but Catelyn says that Robert has also written that he is coming to Winterfell. This news gladdens Eddard, and they decide to send word to Eddard's brother Ben on the Wall, as well. Catelyn says that Robert's wife Cersei, their children, and her Lannister brothers, are also coming.

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