Chapter 3 A Game of Thrones Chapter 5

Chapter 4Edit

Page start(paperback version): p. 39

POV Character: Eddard Stark


The King's party is riding into Winterfell, including Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, the crown prince, and Sandor Clegane. Eddard doesn't recognize Robert until he calls out, because the King has put on so much weight. Ned makes obeisance to him as Cersei and the younger children debark from the wheelhouse. After the formalities, Robert insists on being taken down to the crypt.

Ned asks Robert about his travel, and Robert complains of the distance, the lack of people and decent inns, and the snow, even in late summer. Robert talks about the advantages of living in the south. They descend into the crypt, which is an effort for the out-of-shape Robert. Robert wants to visit the tomb of Eddard's sister Lyanna, who had been his betrothed. He wishes she were buried on a sunny hillside, instead of deep in the dark earth.

Eddard says he was with her when she died, and she wanted to be laid here. He remembers her dying, and his friend Howland Reed being nearby. Robert recalls taking his vengeance on Rhaegar Targaryen for what he did to her. Eddard asks about Jon Arryn, and Robert says that he sickened and died quickly, within a fortnight.

Eddard asks after Jon's widow, and Robert says she has taken her son back to the Eyrie, when he'd hoped to foster the boy with Tywin Lannister. Eddard, who does not trust Tywin, is relieved, but Robert says Cersei was offended. Eddard asks to foster Robert Arryn himself, even at the risk of offending Tywin.

Robert comes to the point of his visit. He says that Robert Arryn will not be Warden of the East like his father. He says that he needs another Hand of the King, and he offers the position to Eddard. He says he wants Eddard to come south to King's Landing. He offers to marry Sansa to Prince Joffrey, to join their houses as he and Lyanna might have done. Eddard hesitates to give his decision, wishing to speak to his wife, but Robert asks him not to take too long.

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