Chapter 6 A Game of Thrones Chapter 8

Chapter 7Edit

Page start(paperback version): p. 68

POV Character: Arya Stark


Arya is trying needlepoint hopelessly, knowing she will never be as good at is Sansa. Sansa and the other girls are whispering to each other, as Septa Mordane coos over Myrcella's needlework. Arya asks what they are talking about, and Sansa says Prince Joffrey. Arya says Jon thinks Joffrey looks like a woman, and when Sansa says he's only a bastard, Arya defends him, drawing the Septa's attention to her.

Septa Mordane inspects Arya's stitches, and pronounces herself dissastisfied with them. Arya runs out of the room in shame. Not wanting to be found, Arya goes to watch Robb fight Joffrey in practice. She finds Jon watching from the vantage point she had chosen, and he greets her amiably. She looks down to see Bran and Tommen fighting instead. Arya says she could fight as well as Bran, but Jon says she doesn't have enough muscle for a longsword.

They look down to see that Bran has knocked Tommen over. Ser Rodrik sends them to remove their padding, and calls Robb and Joffrey over for a bout. Joffrey acts as if it is beneath his dignity to fight Starks with play swords. He suggests real swords, and Robb accepts, but Ser Rodrik refuses to let them. Sandor Clegane steps forward and says they should let them, that he killed a man with an edged blade when he was only twelve.

Joffrey makes a few more condescending remarks, enraging Robb, but Theon holds him back from attacking the Prince. Then the Prince and Tommen leave. Jon says that Arya should go to her rooms, or the punishment will be worse the longer she leaves it. Arya returns to her rooms to find not only Septa Mordane, but also her mother.

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