Chapter 8 A Game of Thrones Chapter 10

Chapter 9Edit

Page start(paperback version): p. 86

POV Character: Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion is sitting up late reading a book on the changing of the seasons when he hears a wolf howl. He gives up on reading, noticing that it's near dawn, and the Septon asleep. Tyrion wakes him up and goes out to break his fast. He hears Sandor Clegane complaining about how long Bran is taking to die. Joffrey complains about the wolf's howling, and Sandor offers to go kill it, which Joffrey finds amusing.

Tyrion advises Joffrey to pay a sympathy visit to the Starks. Joffrey says he won't, and Tyrion slaps him and browbeats him until he acquiesces. Sandor warns him that the prince will not soon forget. Tyrion asks after his brother, and Sandor says he is with the queen. He goes to find them, and Cersei says that Robert has been up all night with the Starks.

Tommen asks after Bran, and says he doesn't want him to die. Jaime comments on the name being unlucky, but Tyrion says that the Maester thinks that Bran may live after all, since it has been four days and he is still alive. He catches a significant glance between Jaime and Cersei. Cersei says it is no mercy, and Tyrion tells the children that Bran will never walk again.

Tyrion says that the wolf's attentions, howling outside his window, may be contributing to Bran's survival. Cersei says the wolves disturb her, but Tyrion says the girls' will doubtless follow them when they leave. Tyrion says he himself wishes to visit the Wall. Cersei leaves with the children, and Jaime wonders if Eddard will leave Winterfell with Bran ill. Tyrion wonders dryly what tale Bran might tell if he awakens.

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