Concordances and Characters

Agratis was a farmworld. The Fourth Doctor claimed that it was known throughout the galaxy for the rich bounties it provided.

Economy and politics[]

The economy of the planet was centred on:

  • foodstuffs and delicacies
  • the Jewel of Fawton, considered the most beautiful gem of the universe.

The capital city of the planet, led by a provost, was Darschon. (COMIC: Prisoners of Time)


Agratis was colonised by humanoids with red skin. The discovery of the Jewel and the consequent tourism made possible the advancements of their society.

Unknown to the colonists, the underground chambers in the Krytuk Valleys were inhabited by crystalline creatures. Through his research, Roget discovered that the Jewel of Fawton worked as a collective brain for the crystalline creatures. He stole the Jewel, and the Judoon were called in to find it.

The creatures were in a hibernation state when the colonists took the Jewel. When Roget placed it back, the Fourth Doctor realised that the colonists had to find a way to live with the crystalline creatures and no longer rely on the Jewel as a source of income. As the Jewel's proper owners were the crystalline creatures, the Judoon were able to step down from their search. (COMIC: Prisoners of Time)