Concordances and Characters


  1. HPPS(Ch. 1,7,10)


  1. Tall, thin and very old
  2. Long, silver hair and beard growing to his waist
  3. Sparkling blue eyes; wears half-moon spectacles
  4. Nose has been broken at least twice


  1. HPPS(Ch. 4-6,9)
  2. HPGOF(Ch. 2)
  3. HPHBP(Ch. 1)


  1. Headmaster of Hogwarts.
  2. Defeated Grindelwald in 1945.
  3. Discovered the twelve uses of dragon's blood.
  4. Works on alchemy with Nicolas Flamel.
  5. Enjoys chamber music and tenpin bowling.
  6. Was a Gryffindor.
  7. Was recently "outed" as a homosexual.


Dumbledore shows up at Privet Drive in HPPS 1 to meet Hagrid, who is bringing Harry Potter to live with his aunt and uncle. He meets Professor McGonagall there.

Hagrid, in HPPS 5, is on a mission for Dumbledore to retrieve the Philosopher's Stone from a vault in Gringotts. Dumbledore must already know that the Stone is in danger.

Dumbledore presides over the feast when the students first arrive at Hogwarts, makes a very odd and short speech before they eat, and makes some announcements after.