Altair is the name of a star. It has had many planets in multiple works of science fiction.


  • Altair (P3X-989) - Stargate: SG1 universe
  • Altair III - "Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1" Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode 1, Season 1, 9-28-1987
  • Altair IV a.k.a. Alpha Aquila IV - "Prophet Motive," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode 16, Season 3, 2-20-1995
  • "Planet IV of Altair", a.k.a. Xilmuch - Miriam Allen Deford and Anthony Boucher's "Mary Celestial," a short story in Bill Pronzoni and Barry N. Malzberg's collection Shared Tomorrow
  • Altair-4 - Forbidden Planet
  • Altair 4 - James Blish's The Triumph of Time, p. 470, Cities in Flight universe
  • Altair VI - "Amok Time," Star Trek: The Original Series Episode 1, Season 2, 9-15-1967


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