Alternative History is a sub-genre of science fiction in which storylines are developed by supposing historical development different from the timeline in which we appear to exist. The problem is that important science fiction elements like explorations of the effect of new science and technology are typically lacking in works in the sub-genre. All too often that is replaced by conservative/libertarian political ideological fantasizing. For example, consider L. Neil Smith's rather painful 1980 novel The Probability Broach. True believing libertarians, like true believing Marxists, should probably avoid writing fiction. Perhaps it is just the poverty of conservative/libertarian fantasy lives that is to blame but more probably the problem is that rigid political ideological convictions supplant or even terminate real human feeling.

Still, there are some decent works of alternative history.

Partial ListEdit

Soviet Rule in the UKEdit

  • Kingley Amis's ____ novel Russian Hide and Seek

Fascist Powers Win World War IIEdit

  • Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel The Man in the High Castle
  • Robert Harris's 1992 novel Fatherland
  • C.J. Sansom's 2011 novel Dominion
  • Guy Saville's 2011 novel The Afrika Reich

Zionism FailsEdit

  • Michael Chabon's 2007 novel The Yiddish Policemen's Union

Confederacy Wins American Civil WarEdit

Protestant Refromation FailsEdit

  • Kingley Amis's 1976 novel The Alteration
  • Keith Roberts's 1968 novel Pavane

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