Amphetamine and Methamphetamine References in Science Fiction


  • Outland 1981
  • The Invasion 2007 film remake of 1956 film The Body Snatchers
  • Adam-Troy Castro's novel Emissaries From The Dead, p. 27
  • T.J. Bass's novel Half Past Human, referred to as speed
  • William Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy (Neuromancer, Cyberspace and Matrix) refers to Octagon, a Brazilian dexedrine in an octagon-shaped pill
  • Steven Gould's novel 7th Sigma, (meth), p. 138
  • Colin Harvey's novel Damage Time
  • Mack Reynolds' novel 'Commune 2000 A.D., (speed)
  • Norman Spinrad's short story, "Carcinoma Angels" in his collection The Star Spangled Future (Benzadrine)
  • Scott Westerfeld's short story, "That Which Does Not Kill Us," in the collection Sex in the System, Cecilia Tan, ed., p. 160
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