Concordances and Characters
Hatched 2I200
507 AL
Died 3P1
508 AL
Color Gold
Rider Lorana
First Appearance Dragonsblood

Arith was the youngest queen at Benden Weyr at the start of the Third Pass. She was the daughter of Salina's Breth. Arith fell ill with the Dragons' Plague, and her rider accidentally killed her in an attempt to heal her. She went between, arriving at the start of the First Interval, near Tieran and Emorra. Her death proved crucial in allowing Wind Blossom to understand when the Plague occurred, and played an important role in linking her with Lorana, allowing the cure to be found.

Arith grew unusually quickly, and was exceptionally self-assured, flying unusually well and agilely for her age, and she mastered going between much earlier than most dragons.