SPACE: 1999:

ATHERIA: The colossal home planet of Queen ARRA. A massive planet some thirty-four times the size of Earth's sojourning Moon. Atheria, whose destiny is forever intertwined with that of Alpha, collided with the Moon and successfully entered another plane of existence, where it remains immutable for "time inconceivable." From the episode "COLLISION COURSE"


ARRA: The elderly queen of the planet called ATHERIA. An ancient, white-haired and apparently humanoid woman with regal demeanor and powers beyond human comprehension. Arra encouraged Commander Koenig to permit her planet, Atheria to collide in space with the moon for "the great purpose of mutation." She kept her promise to Koenig, and no damage occurred to Alpha at the time of the collision. From the episode "COLLISION COURSE" (Year 1).