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  3. FOH(Ch. 4-5,7)
  4. POD(Ch. 1)


  1. Of an age with Egwene, somewhat taller
  2. Blue-green eyes and reddish hair cut short except for a narrow tail that hangs to her shoulders


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  1. Aielwoman, of the Bitter Water sept of the Taardad Aiel
  2. Maiden of the Spear(Far Dareis Mai)
  3. Born with ability to channel
  4. Later leaves the Maidens to become a Wise One


She was forced to leave the Maidens to become a Wise One in SR 24. In FOH 4 she returns to Rand after ten days away, still teaching him Aiel ways and probably spying on him for the Wise Ones. She still claims to hate Rand violently, and she flees from him in her dreams, but she still cherishes the ivory bracelet he gave her.

In POD 1, Aviendha is in Ebou Dar with Nynaeve, Lan, Elayne and Birgitte. They gather up representatives of the Sea Folk and the Kin, and leave Ebou Dar by a gateway. After they are all through, Aviendha picks apart the weave to keep anyone from finding where they have gone.

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