The Blue Moon is the natural satellite of a gas giant. It orbits slowly around the giant. One day is as long as five Earth days and so is the night. The moon has a very dense atmosphere so enormous creatures can take flight. High levels of oxygen mean the atmosphere is pushed to the point of spontaneous combustion during storms. Forest fires are

a picture of Blue Moon in the foreground and the gas giant planet it orbits in the background.



The surface is covered in large forests of Pagoda trees. The canopy is kilometers in height and blocks sunlight. Living near the trees are helibugs. Helibug larvae are hunted by the large aerial kites. Feeding on floating moss are the massive Sky Whales. The whales are hunted by Caped Stalkers which send out scouts and later workers to kill the whales. Stalkers are eaten by deathtraps which catch them using Ghost Traps.