The Breegus System was a star system at the very edge of the Polaris Galaxy. The Breegus Nebula was its entrance. It was close to the center of the universe, as the Great Clock, which was at most 50 feet away from the exact center, was located here.[1] The Breegus System was free from the iron fisted rule of Tachyon, and thus didn't suffer. However the system was generally lawless, and crawling with mercenaries and petty tyrants. Polaris Galactic Government did have a small influence here, as Terachnos was aligned with them, however due to time anomalies, was to busy to stop Nefarious forces from occupying Terachnos.

It was here that a number of significant events occurred during Ratchet's search for Clank, who had been kidnapped by Doctor Nefarious after he initiated a new plan to take over the Great Clock after being defeated by the duo and Captain Qwark in the Solana Galaxy. Many groups and races including the Fongoids, Vullards, Agorians, Terachnoids, Valkyries and Nefarious Troopers were encountered in the Breegus System. General Azimuth retreated to the system in exile after Emperor Tachyon's attack on Fastoon and the disappearance of the Lombaxes. Captain Darkwater was also known to have visited the Breegus Star Cluster.[2]