Born  ?
Dragon Gold Wirenth
Impressed Before 9P8
Before 2515 AL
Dragon's death 9P8
2515 AL
Fire-lizard Bronze Berd
Impressed 9P8
2515 AL
Highest Rank Junior queenrider
First Appearance Dragonquest

Brekke was a junior queenrider at Southern Weyr, and later High Reaches Weyr. She was from the Farmercraft. F'nor discovered her on Search. Later, she and F'nor fell in love and married. She became dragonless after her dragon died during a battle with Kylara's Pridith after the later had interrupted the former's mating flight.

Brekke was a shy, quiet girl, and was one of those rare individuals able to speak with all dragons.

She was the foster-mother to Mirrim

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