Bug Jack Barron is a 1969 novel by Norman Spinrad about the ambitions and adventure of television talk show host Jack Barron, a sort of anti-Rush Limbaugh, who speaks for the victims of economic, racial and cultural inequality - in a dystopian America where the population appears obsessed with gaining access the new technology of cryogenics. Barron uncovers the secret research that is providing the rich and the powerful with immortality using irradiated glands transplanted from murdered children. The plot is an attempt attempt to exploit both bioethical and racial anxieties wrapped in the language and images of Sixties Radical Chic. For example Acapulco Gold is a branded marijuana, and is sold legally. The horror of gaining immortality by transplating glands is wonderfully Victorian - at one point in early 20th century British and French physicians experimented with transplanting monkey glands into humans.


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