Cairhien is a country in the Wheel of Time series. It is east of Andor and west of the Spine of The World. Aringill and Tar Valon are not far from its borders. Its capital is a city of the same name.


The city of Cairhien is fabled for its topless towers. Many of them were damaged or destroyed in the Aiel War, and twenty years later were still unfinished and surrounded by scaffolding. Outside of the walls of the city is the Foregate.

Current EventsEdit

At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, the Sun Throne is still vacant, with various Houses contending for it, and famine is everywhere.

At the beginning of Crossroads of Twilight, Cairhien is under the control of Rand al'Thor, under the auspices of his steward, Dobraine Taborwin.

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