House: Tully


  1. GOT(Ch. 2,4-7,10,14)


  1. Fine high cheekbones
  2. Long auburn hair


  1. GOT(Ch. 12)


  1. Wife of Eddard Stark, since fifteen years before GOT 2
  2. Grew up at Riverrun
  3. Twelve years old when promised to Brandon Stark (Eddard's brother)
  4. Bitter and resentful of Jon Snow


At the beginning of A Game of Thrones, she is living at Winterfell with her husband and family. She stays with Bran when he is injured, never leaving his side. She stays at Winterfell when Eddard and other children leave for King's Landing. She helps save his life from an assassination attempt, and after that decides she must leave with Rodrik Cassel for King's Landing to try to find evidence pointing to who was behind it.

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