This Wiki is primarily for collecting character and plot information from science fiction and fantasy novels and series. It is not intended to contain review information, and should remain neutral in regards to perceived qualities of the books or likability of characters. Please observe the following standards:

Page TitlesEdit

Author pages should always have (author) appended, this: Robert Jordan (author). Similarly, pages for series should append (series), and pages for individual novels should append (novel). Articles like "A" and "The" should be preserved in series and book names, though a leading "The" may be ignored for sorting purposes. (See below for more sorting standards.) Where more than one novel exists by the same name but different authors, they may be distinguished by author as well, as Foreigner (C. J. Cherryh novel) and Foreigner (Robert J. Sawyer novel).

When a name or other term appears in more than one source, then the main page for the term will be a disambiguation-style page, pointing to pages distinguished by the series. E.G. Andor could be a disambiguation page pointing to Andor (The Wheel of Time) and Andor (A Man of His Word).


Initial "The" is ignored when sorting titles; otherwise, spaces are ignored and numbers and abbreviations spelled out, and letter-by-letter comparison followed. This means that "A Scanner Darkly" will sort before "Asteroid", for instance. (I know that generally a leading "A" is ignored as well while sorting, but because the meanings of the definite and indefinite article are distinct, I prefer to sort them separately.)

Alternate Forms of NamesEdit

For characters, the main page should have the fullest form of their name, without any honorifics. Thus, Rand al'Thor rather than Rand, Lan Mandragoran rather than al'Lan Mandragoran(al' being an honorific in this case) or Lan. The alternate forms should be redirects. If the surname is most commonly used in the text, then it requires a redirect(and disambiguation if necessary), and similarly for the first name. If there are a number of characters with the same surname(e.g. Stark in A Song of Ice And Fire (series)), then the disambiguation page should note their relationship, and perhaps link to a separate page for the family(Stark (family)).

For books published under different names, it is up to the individual contributor to decide which one should be the main entry. The alternate names may be mere disambiguations, or may contain information about the alternate title if it is not included in the main article.

Entry FormatEdit

Each series or standalone book may be considered a separate project, if desired, with its own entry formatting style. What is considered important character information for one book or series may be less so for another. Formatting for entries in a project should be left up to the contributor(s) involved.

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