Born 2I?
4?? AL
Died 3P1
508 AL
Dragon Bronze Kaloth
Highest Rank Weyrleader of Telgar
First Appearance Dragonsblood

D'gan was Weyrleader of Telgar at the start of the Third Pass. He had originally been a dragonrider at Igen until the latter's disolution sometime in the 2I170's (480's AL). His Weyrmate was Lina.

When Morene, last Weyrwoman of Igen, had died, leaving Igen without a queen, he had been the one who suggested mergin with Telgar, which V'lon, the last Weyrleader, eventually accepted. On that day, he'd swore that he'd show them all, he'd prove the Igen riders were the best, and would become Telgar's Weyrleader. His ambitions changed gradually to seeking to prove himself as the best Weyrleader on all Pern.

D'gan was a literal-minded, conservative leader, who insisted on following the teaching ballads to the letter, refusing to make allowances for the plague. During the first year of the Pass, his dragon ill, he lead the Weyr into battle over North Crom. Unfortunately, due to his dragon's illness, he, and all the Dragons with him, were lost between.

He was the father of D'lin.

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Weyrleader of Telgar
??-508 AL
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