Born 8P??
Died 9P??
Dragon Bronze Tiroth
Original Name  ?
Highest Rank Weyrleader of Ista, Southern
First Appearance Dragonflight

D'ram was the Weyrleader of Ista at the end of the Eighth Pass. With the rest of his Weyr, he traveled to the beginning of the Ninth Pass to fight Thread. He continued to lead his Weyr for the next 15 years, until Fanna, his Weyrwoman, died. After her death, he retired, succeeded provisionally by G'denned (who soon became formal Weyrleader), but several months later, agreed to take over command of Southern Weyr, after the Oldtimers' attempt to steal a golden egg from Ramoth. At some unknown point, he retired and was succeeded by K'van, a Rider of modern birth.

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Preceded by:
Weyrleader of Ista
fl 2LI1-9P15
fl 2058-2522 AL
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Weyrleader of Southern
2522-?? AL
Succeeded by: