Born fl 3P1 (508 AL)
Dragon Bronze Hurth
Highest Rank Weyrleader of High Reaches
First Appearance Dragonsblood

D'vin was the Weyrleader of High Reaches at the end of the Second Interval and start of the Third Pass. His weyrmate was Sonia

In the Turn 2I197 (504 AL), he abruptly closed off his Weyr from all contact with other Weyrs. He and Sonia had, according to M'tal, "always [been] a bit odd". The reason for their isolation was a warning from Tullea, arriving from the first Turn of the Third Pass about the Dragons' Plague. Her dragon provided serum for the Dragons of his Weyr, and then his Weyr provided serum for the rest of Pern, saving the planet.

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