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Dragons are genetically-engineered creatures on the planet Pern. They were developed by Kit Ping Yung from the native fire-lizards during the first year of Threadfall.

Modern dragons range in size from 20 feet to 45 feet, and come in five colors. ((Anne mistakenly once wrote 'meters' but she has corected the size to be in feet.))

  • Gold - the fertile females, they are the largest; Weyrwomen are always Goldriders. Only heterosexual, or 'straight', females can impress Golds
  • Bronze - the largest males, they are slightly smaller than Golds; Weyrleaders are always Bronzeriders. Only heterosexual males can impress Bronzes
  • Brown - males, smaller than Golds, Brownriders tend to be Wingseconds, and sometimes Wingleaders. Only hetero. or Bisexual males can impress Browns, but it is theorized that homosexual females might be able to do so as well.
  • Blue - the smallest males, their riders tend to be homosexual or bisexual. Only males usually impress Blues, although masculine or bisexual females Can impress Blues, as shown by the writings of Todd McCaffery in the world of Pern.
  • Green - the smallest color, they are infertile females. Originally, it was only girls who impressed Greens, but gradually this shifted to primarily homosexual boys.

Despite being infertile, Greens tend to be sexually active. The reason for the sexual orientation of their riders is simply that the telepathic bond between Dragon and Rider is so strong that when Dragons mate, their riders tend to do likewise, and Greens tend to mate primarily with Blues, though occassionally with Browns.

The telepathic bond between Rider and Dragon is very strong. A dragon inevitably suicides, by going between and not returning, if his or her Rider dies, and many Dragonriders - though by no means all - will likewise suicide upon the death of their Dragon.


Dragons can Teleport "between"- a cold, sensory-deprived place through which a dragon and rider/passengers may travel through Time and Space. They are also Telepathic- they speak through their thoughts not only to their Bonded human Rider, but they may also choose to speak to another human or Dragon. And, lastly, the third power which was not shown until a later novel: Telekinesis- the ability to move objects, even people, around with thier minds. Quicker than going *between*, which lasts all of eight seconds usually, two dragons working together to avoid damaging their subject can succesfully move anything with their minds from one location to another. One dragon Could move something on their own, but it is risky if the dragon does not want to hurt the subject they are trying to move. In the case of, say, wild felines attacking- nobody cares what happens to the felines as they are moved!


All dragons' names end in -th, and a dragon knows its name at hatching.

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