Chapter 6 Dragonflight
Part 1
Part 2, Chapter 1

Lessa waited until F'lar was gone. She looked around, and saw that there was no way for her to leave the weyr except by dragon. She wondered just what he'd meant by Weyrwoman. She watches the Dragons feed, and, assured that the Riders would be busy for a while, bathed, scrubbing herself hard. Finally clean, she slipped on the dress left for her by F'lar.

Catching herself in the mirror, she was surprised at how pretty she had become.

She cleaned F'lar's wound, the one he had received in the duel against Fax.

F'lar tells her what to expect at the Hatching, giving her a set of warnings. F'lar tells her that they would soon be eating better at the Weyr, which surprises Lessa, as, by her standards, they already ate well. Before they can get much more into conversation, the eggs begin hatching. She quickly changes into the traditional hatching clothing, and F'lar rushes her out onto the sands.

Lessa is rushed out onto the sands with little preparation. There were 11 other girls, most of whom were frightened. Lessa regarded them with contempt, as she waited for the golden egg to hatch.

An egg hatches. The hatchling mauls one of the boys as it approaches the others. After the lesser colors have hatched, the golden queen egg hatches. The young queen seriously injures, possibly kills, two of the girls, before approaching Lessa. Impression occurs, and Lessa delights. She was now Weyrwoman to Ramoth.

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