Part 1, Chapter 7 Dragonflight
Part 2
Chapter 2

Part 2 takes place in the Turn 2LI450 (2507 AL)

Lessa is taking lessons from R'gul and S'lel and is getting frustrated. Two Turns have passed since Lessa Impressed Ramoth. R'gul insists that queens do not fly, while S'lel ammends this to state that they do fly to mate. R'gul and S'lel begin arguing. Lessa is frustrated at the dullness of her lessons and the frequent arguments between the two. She was made to memorize teaching ballads, though their meaning was not explained to her, and to copy them out letter-perfect 10 times. Lessa tries, unsuccessfully, to make sense of the ballads.

Lessa agreed with F'lar's views on R'guls policies in regards to the Holds. R'gul had even constrained the traditional patrols to uninhabited regions. Resentment of the Weyr had continued, even after Fax's death. Lord Larad of Telgar was said to be the new leader of the anti-Weyr movement. Lessa resents R'gul's status as Weyrleader, wondering why Mnementh hadn't flown Nemorth, and why F'lar didn't take control as Weyrleader.

Lessa resented the claims that Queens didn't fly. She knew they must be able to fly and go between, justifying her belief with the Ballad of Moreta's Ride, which R'gul and S'lel denied existed.

Lessa manages to wake S'lel's dragon, causing him to leave. Manora arrives at the same time, and R'gul leaves, too, leaving Lessa alone with Manora. Manora reports a shortfall in tithes, leaving the Weyr with insufficient stores to last the winter, especially with the young dragons. Manora tells Lessa that the Weyr would have to barter for food. Lessa's outraged that the Weyr should have to barter. Manora conspires with Lessa to send some of the Dragonriders (specifically mentioned K'net, C'gan, F'nor, T'sum, and L'rad) to do some judicious hunting.

While Ramoth feeds, a tithe train unexpectedly arrives, from Benden, which is developing quite well under Lytol's guidance. Lytol warns the weyrs of danger from Telgar and Meron of Nabol. The messenger, too, conveys his personal opinions of the disrespect for the Weyr, noting that Pern prospered, though there was odd weather this year, and flooding in Igen.

R'gul arrives, and F'lar gives him the message from Lytol. R'gul believes there's nothing to worry about, though Lessa repeats Manora's worries. F'lar insists that the tithe from Ruatha would cover it, and Lessa objects that it's not enough. Lessa remarks that the Weyr would have to barter for food, setting off, as she'd intended, objections among the Dragonriders. T'bor and D'nol suggest raiding the Holds, which R'gul absolutely forbids, fearing that any move by the Weyrs would lead to the Holds moving against them. Lessa plans to get K'net and a few other dragonriders to discretely raid for supplies.

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