Chapter 1 Dragonflight
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Chapter 3

F'nor is upset with Lessa. He tells her that F'lar is tracing K'net. F'nor tells Lessa that K'net took her instructions too liberally, and was not circumspect enough. Lessa denies giving any such instructions, implying that K'net was acting on his own. The Weyr had been sunk in despair, their supplies running low, even with K'net's additions.

The dragonriders and their dragons seemed to have lost their spirit after D'nol's failed mini-rebellion.

F'nor informs Lessa that a message had arrived from Lytol, informing him of a brewing rebellion by the Lords of Telgar, Fort, and Keroon. F'nor tells her that, if she had to send K'net out, she should've sent C'gan or T'sum with him. She scornfully rejects his advice. F'nor laughs contemptuously at Lessa, telling her that F'lar had overestimated her, that F'lar had a reason for waiting. F'nor explains that there was a reason for R'gul's attitude, telling her about the Long Interval. F'nor tells her about how F'lon had intended F'lar to succeed him, but got killed in "that ridiculous brawl". He explains that R'gul took over after F'lon's death, and misunderstood F'lon's plan to carry the Weyr over the last of teh Interval. R'gul had become Weyrleader because he had the support of the other Wingleaders over the 19-year-old F'lar.

F'nor tells her that her prodding K'net made matters worse. F'lar's wing had been more discreet.

As they are discussing this, they are interrupted by Ramoth beginning her mating flight. Lessa summons F'lar's Mnementh and K'net's Piyanth when she realizes what was happening.

Ramoth's first mating flight begins, though still only two Turns old. Lessa, using all her strength of will, forces Ramoth under her control, forcing her to only blood her kills.

Ramoth appears to have a preferences for Orth, T'bor's bronze. However, Mnementh captures Ramoth, making F'lar the new Weyrleader.

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