Chapter 2 Dragonflight
Part 2
Chapter 4

F'lar wakes up on the morning after Ramoth's mating flight. He reflects on the changes in the Weyr. He wonders who had called him back to the Weyr at the time of the mating flight. Mnementh won't say. Mnementh reports that F'nor had, as F'lar commanded, watched the Eye Rock. The Red Star was approaching ever closer.

The Eye and Star Stones had been carefully placed by the ancients to show exactly when the Red Star was close enough to bring Thread to Pern.

His ruminations are interrupted by the sound of splashing water, as Lessa bathes. Mnementh warns F'lar to be careful around Lessa.

An alarm is sounded by the watch-Dragon. An unusually persistent dust cloud was spotted. A dragon was being sent to inspect it. F'lar quickly dresses. Lessa emerges from the bathing chamber fully dressed, with no friendliness in her eyes towards F'lar.

Mnementh reports to F'lar that the Lords of the Holds were approaching the Weyr. F'lar crisply informs Lessa of the situation. He once again tells her that she shouldn't've let K'net handle the raiding, that he was still young enough to let himself get carried away. Lessa's reaction seems to suggest that that was her plan.

R'gul is behaving as though he still has authority, preparing to meet the Lords, insisting that they must find a way to placate the Lords. F'lar smiles and rejects the idea of placating them.

F'lar summons the brownriders and wingseconds. He notes, in passing, that the brownriders seem to be walking taller, the air of defeatism replaced by tense excitement.

F'nor reports that the Lords of Telgar, Nabol, Fort, and Keroon, among others, were approaching the Weyr, with an estimated strength in excess of a thousand, in good order and well-armed.

D'nol suggests using "a few flaming [dragons]" against the Lords. F'lar rejects that notion instantly. He points out that the Dragonriders had other abilities that they could use against the Lords. F'lar subtly remarks that the Lords had left their Holds undefended. Lessa instantly picks up the plan. T'sum sets out to implement F'lar's plan. S'lel complains that he doesn't understand. Lessa sweetly explained. The Lord Holders had forgotten the ability of the dragons to go between, allowing the Riders to collect hostages.

F'lar gathers his riders to meet the Lords.

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