Chapter 3 Dragonflight
Part 2
Part 3, Chapter 1

Lord Larad of Telgar lead the anti-Weyr army. As he approached the Weyr, he began feeling a little concerned, but he stifled his worries. The Weyr had outlived its usefulness. There was no need for the Holds to support them. Larad's half-sister, Kylora (sic) had been taken to the Weyr on the Search. She had previously been awaiting a marriage with Brant of Igen. Then there was the raiding and the killing of Fax.

Larad summons Meron over to him to consult, growing concerned about how they would penetrate the Weyr. Meron contemptuously assumes that the Weyr will capitulate to their ultimatum immediately.

Four bronze dragons appear in the sky above them. After the Lords dismount, F'lar has the dragons land.

After F'lar meets with Larad and Meron, Larad delivers the ultimatum:

  • No more demands by the Weyr
  • No more Searches
  • No more raiding

F'lar answers, and replies with a command. The Lords will return to their Holds, and will send them a just tithe. Meron laugs contemtuously at this demand. F'lar tells them that until the tithe is delivered, their Ladies would remain at the Weyr, and he proves to them that the Ladies were, indeed, present.

Larad meekly submits to F'lar's demands. Meron refuses. F'lar orders a wing of blues to appear, with Meron's scouts having been captured. F'lar further orders that green b cleared from Hold and croft, orders firepits be cleared, and firestone stockpiled.

Ramoth flies overhead as he's giving the orders. Mnementh tells F'lar that he should teach Lessa to fly between, or she would be likely to try it herself.

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