Chapter 2 Dragonflight
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Ramoth had laid a total of 41 eggs, including the queen egg. Sixty-some Candidates are gathered, very few of them weyrbred, breaking with tradition. In another break, most of them were in their late teens, and all were permitted to see, and touch, the eggs before the hatching day, feeling that it would cut down on casualties.

Lessa encouraged Kylara to touch the queen egg. She hoped that Kylara would Impress the queen dragonet, thereby removing her to another Weyr.

Lytol sent a warning that Meron was spreading rumors that the Dragonriders were deliberately chosing boys of the Blood to weaken the bloodlines, although there were far more craftbred than Holder's boys in the group.

In another break with tradition, F'lar opened up the Impression to outside visitors*, particularly the parents of the candidates.

Naton - now N'ton - and Kylara were among those who Impressed.

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*According to The MasterHarper of Pern, this tradition of closed Impressions was actually quite young, dating back only to R'gul's assumption of the Weyrleadership.