Chapter 3 Dragonflight
Part 3
Chapter 5

Lessa wakes up in a cold sweat from a confused nightmare, which she cannot remember. She talks with F'lar about her discovery of time-travel, and the surety that someone else must've discovered it before them. F'lar remains convinced that it must be the solution somehow, but can't quite figure out how.

F'nor enters, covered in dust, from a patrol in Tillek. F'lar realizes what it was. He interrogates F'nor about when and where the dust storms have been appearing, and discovers that they are precisely where Thread was predicted to fall. It is what happens when Thread goes through cold air.

Lessa mentions the Ballad of Moreta's Ride. F'lar grumbles that Moreta was able to communicate with any dragon. Lessa remarks that she can do it too. A brief argument breaks out between them. F'lar realizes that Thread was to fall two hours ago in Nerat. He tells F'nor that they have to go back to the start of Threadfall, informing F'nor of Lessa's discovery.

Threadfall had begun. F'lar summoned the riders to the Council Room, and tells them of timing it, and the need to go back two hours to Nerat. He orders dragonriders to alert the Holds in the path of Thread.

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