Chapter 5 Dragonflight
Part 3
Chapter 7

Lessa watches the wings leave. She approaches the weyrlings and gives them their orders, to warn the Holds. Less sends K'net's wing to Keroon to assist F'nor there. No sooner does K'net's wing leaves, then F'lar's returns.

Injured dragons are attended to, while others leave to help K'net's wings.

F'nor requests more firestone. With no one else available, Lessa asks C'gan to go. C'gan eagerly complies.

She is dismayed at the number of injuries just from a single Threadfall, given how few dragons they have to start with.

She is interrupted in her ruminations by the sound of a shrieking dragon. C'gan had returned, severely Threadscored. Ramoth helps ease Tagath's fall. C'gan passes away, and his Dragon goes between. The first death of the First Pass.

She is determined to see the Pass through, despite the difficulties.

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