Chapter 6 Dragonflight
Part 3
Part 4, Chapter 1

The first Threadfall of the Ninth Pass had ended at noon, as predicted by F'lar. C'gan was the only fatality, though there were several serious injuries. 28 dragonpairs were out of action for the next Threadfall. She reports these to F'lar, finding him in the Records Room, searching vainly to figure out how to make one weyr do the work of six. He tells her he plans to call a full Council of all the Lords and Craftmasters.

During a conversation, Lessa remarks that she'd rather Kylara were "Turns as well as miles away" Suddenly F'lar realizes the solution, to send Kylara, along with some of the bronzes, back in time, ten Turns, giving time for Pridith to lay several clutches, and perhaps several queens. Lessa hits on the idea of using the Southern Continent.

Having decided on the plan, F'nor interrupts them. To their surprise, F'nor is tanned, and the wound he'd acquired that day was gone. F'nor tells them that the plan wasn't working, there was too much strain being in two places at once, and Kylara kept watching herself.

After delivering this cryptic warning, F'nor leaves in a hurry.

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