Chapter 1 Dragonflight
Part 4
Chapter 3

Takes place during the Turn 9P1 (2508 AL)

The next morning, F'lar and Lessa meet with F'nor to discuss their plan with him, being careful to avoid reference to the previous night's disclosure. F'nor agrees to go, only if T'bor is sent, too.

F'nor and Lessa are chosen to scout out the Southern Continent for a suitable location.

The Lords and Craftmasters assemble at the Weyr for F'lar's meeting with them as F'nor and Lessa prepare to leave.

Meron enters the Weyr, clearly furious at the summons, followed by Lytol, the last to enter.

F'lar begins the meeting. He tells the assembled Lords and Craftmasters that Thread has returned, and asks Lord Vincent of Nerat to have his best junglemen check the forests for any possible burrows.

He tells the Lords when the next attacks will come, and requests their assistance. He requests the assistance of MasterHarper Robinton to distribute copies of his timetables and to make sure everyone understand them.

F'lar informs the Lord Holders that he will require their assistance, as there was only one Weyr where once there had been six.

Someone interrupts F'lar's explanation with a cry that the Dragonriders would bring destruction on all with their "high and mighty ways". Robinton leaps to the defense of the Weyrs, quite forcefully, before turning respectfully to F'lar and asking that he continue what he was saying.

F'lar asks Fandarel for assistance in reviving the old method used to destroy burrowed Thread. The Masterfarmer recalls reading a reference to the sandworms of Igen having a protective value.

Masterweaver Zurg recalls an old tapestry portraying a fight against Thread, including the machines Fandarel was to attempt to restore.

He requests all the Lords and Craftmasters search their Records for anything that could be of use.

Near the end of the meeting, he sees F'nor waiting in the hallway, tanned, so clearly from a later time. He signals for him to wait for him in his bedroom. He wraps up the meeting, and meets with F'nor, who told him that it was a success, with 32 eggs laid, including 14 Bronzes.

He receives a report on the Weyr. Kylara and T'bor are the Weyrleaders, and the Weyr has no problems with supplies.

Robinton tells F'lar of the Question Song. F'lar confesses to Robinton that the Weyrs are drastically undermanned. He confesses the Dragons' ability to go between times. F'lar spends the rest of the afternoon explaining the charts to Robinton.

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