Chapter 2 Dragonflight
Part 4
Chapter 4

Takes place during the Turns 2LI441 and 9P1 (2498 and 2508 AL)

Lessa and F'nor observe the first of the Lords and Craftmasters arriving for the Council as they prepare to scout out the Southern Continent. They decide to first go back 10 Turns at Benden, and then from there, to jump to a point off the Southern Continent that's as close to the Continent as there are Records for, and then from there to fly straight to the Southern Continent. F'nor and Lessa are amazed at how fertile the Southern Continent was, when they had expected it to be barren and desolate from Threadfall. They admire the land, and their dragons assure them that they would not mind living in the open, as there appeared to be no suitable caves.

Upon returning to the present-day Benden, they discover that F'lar was already preparing the loading of supplies for the expedition. He consults with F'nor and Lessa on what they found and who to send. It's decided to send all of Ramoth's last clutch (as they were too young to be useful as fighting Dragons). In addition, F'nor would take his wingriders to train the weyrlings and T'bor.

During the briefing, Lessa suddenly faints. It is decided that it was probably just fatigue that caused her to faint.

Several Threadburrows were discovered in Nerat's forest. F'lar, along with Fandarel, travel there to meet with Lord Vincent. Fandarel burns out the burrow with a device that sprays agenothree. It proves useful against Threadburrows. The device was modified from what was used for orchard farmers.

Lessa arrives as F'lar and Robinton are discussing the Question Song. Lessa realizes the solution. F'lar fears for her life, and forbids her from trying to go back so many Turns.

Lytol appears, conveyed by B'rant, carrying the tapestry mentioned by Zurg. Lessa, observing it, notes that it shows Ruatha differently from how she remembered it.

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