Chapter 3 Dragonflight
Part 4
Chapter 5

Takes place during the Turn 9P1 (2508 AL)

Lessa returns the tapestry to Ruatha, F'lar believing she wouldn't attempt the long jump.

F'lar travels to the Smithcrafthall to see Fandarel's latest attempt at the flame-thrower. When he returns, R'gul reports that F'nor had been looking for him, twice, and wouldn't leave a message with R'gul.

By evening time, Lessa still hasn't returned. F'lar learned that after the tapestry was returned, Lessa had paced up and down, staring at it intently, for hours, until she finally left. Everyone had assumed that Lessa was returning to Benden Weyr. F'lar asks Mnementh to contact her. He cannot hear them. F'lar realizes that Lessa must've tried going back

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