Chapter 5 Dragonflight
Part 4
Chapter 7

Takes place during the Turn 2LI1 (2058 AL)

Lessa awakens, disoriented. Mardra greets her when she awakens. She falls asleep again. When she awakens again, Mardra and T'ton (sic) are there to greet her. Lessa, still somewhat disoriented, tells them, confusedly, of why she came, and where - or rather when - she came from. Lessa tells them of the degeneration of the Weyr in the last Turns of the Second Long Interval, of Fax's invasion of Ruatha, and at last of the tapestry which gave her the clue to the long jump. That last part settled T'ton and Mardra's remaining doubts, as it had just been commissioned.

T'ton tells Lessa that they'll come, because they must've come, and assures Lessa that there's no need to hurry on their end.

Mardra tells Lessa that Ramoth, too, had been hard pressed by the jump, emerging a pale yellow shadow of herself over Ruatha.

As soon as Lessa had recovered sufficiently, a Council of Weyrleaders was called. Somewhat to Lessa's surprise, there was no opposition to going, provided that they could find a safe way. Lessa realizes that the Weyrleaders are, in essence, bored with the Interval.

D'ram pointed out the problem that they don't know for sure that they made it successfully. All they knew from what Lessa knew when she left her time was that they had left their Time.

The Masterharper realizes the answer to how they can obtain intermediate points, by using the Red Star. It was decided that each Weyr's dragons would remain at their own Weyr, jumping there, to avoid accidents.

Finally, they're ready to go. Lessa gives the command to go between.

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