Dragonquest Chapter 2

Robinton is preparing a ballad for the upcoming wedding of Lord Asgenar of Lemos to Famira, the half-sister of Lord Larad of Telgar. He intends to compose a ballad celebrating Lessa's Ride.

Tensions have been mounting between Lord Groghe of Fort and T'ron and Mardra of Fort Weyr, T'ron and Mardra being less scrupulous about checking for Threadburrow in the forests of Fort Hold.

From other places, too, Robinton had heard rumors. In Fort, there were tales of T'ron's lustiness, of him sharing his bed with girls from the Hold.

While composing his ballad, the drums announce Thread falling over Tillek prematurely.

F'nor and Canth had been searching for boys and girls for the next Hatching. Another queen egg lay on the Hatching Sands at Benden Weyr. He'd noted during his trips in Southern Boll that many of the holders and craftsmen had been hostile towards him, until he identified himself as a Benden Weyr rider.

The Oldtimers rarely searched beyond their own lower chambers for candidates, as their queens produced few eggs, and they were contemptuous of non-weyrbred. Only three queen eggs had been produced by the Oldtimer queens since they came ahead.

F'nor runs an errand for Lessa and Manora at the Mastersmithhall, checking on some cracked pots that were being used to prepare numbweed.

When they arrive, there were two dragons already there, a green named Beth and a brown named Seventh. F'nor notes Beth's color and is concerned.

Entering the crafthall, he notes an expression of distaste on the smiths' faces.

He comes in just in time to see a confrontation between two dragonriders - greenrider T'reb and brownrider B'naj - and Terry, Fandarel's second, and his major innovator. F'nor realizes that Beth was near mating and insisted that she be taken away. F'nor realizes what had happened - B'naj had desired the knife that Terry was making, and had attempted to take it. T'reb grabs the knife from Terry and attacks F'nor, cutting into his shoulder. B'naj grabs T'reb and drags him out of the hall. F'nor passes out shortly afterwards

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