Chapter 15 Dragonquest

F'nor returned, at Brekke's insistence, to his duties. She prevailed upon Manora to allow her to come down to the Lower Caverns so that she could be of some use. Brekke was always accompanied by the fire-lizards.

Asgenar and Bendarek has been willing to accept F'lar's idea of grubbing the forests, after N'ton had demonstrated their use by dropping live Thread into a tub of plants. Brekke helped N'ton and another rider go between to the previous spring in the Southern Continent to gather grub larbal sacks, since it was Fall there at the moment. They informed Fandarel and Terry of the project. Fandarel soon made a more efficient pan for catching Thread.

Fandarel also informed them that the distance-writer project was progressing far more slowly than expected, due to the difficulties in protecting the wires from Thread, and the demands for flame-throwers.

F'lar had begun to call a daily cuoncil of his most intimate advisors and Wingseconds to prevent any chance of the overall plan being lost.

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