Chapter 5 Dragonquest Chapter 7

Kylara had found a clutch of fire-lizard eggs with what she was sure was a queen egg, 34 eggs in all, near hatching. She brings them, well-insulated against the cold of between, to Nabol. She wakes Meron, arriving at first light local time, announcing that she had fire-lizard eggs, and that they could be Impressed like dragons. Meron initially fails to see the usefullness of it, until Kylara tells him they had all the abilities of their larger cousins. She gives him one that she believes to be a bronze, keeping the gold for herself.

She sent for food and wine as they waited for the eggs to hatch. She also sends for meat for the hatchlings.

After a while, the eggs begin hatching. Kylara Impresses a gold. Most of the fire-lizards are lost. Prideth was unhappy about having transported the eggs to die on a cold, alien, hearth.

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