Chapter 6 Dragonquest Chapter 8

F'lar receives a message, a set of five leaves of notes, from F'nor, just as he was about to leave for the Smithcrafthall to see Fandarel's distance-writing machine. He receives the message from a dragonrider named G'nag.

The previous night, he'd talked with Robinton all night, discussing various Holds, minor Holders and Lord Holders alike.

He looks down as a crew of men and dragons remove the obstacle to the old passageway near Jaxom's rooms. He had already set up sweep patrols, and sent N'ton to inform the Lord Holders of the new necessities.

He and Lessa go between to the Smithcrafthall, where they are greeted by Terry. Their dragons set off to go swimming.

Terry apologizes about the knife-incident, but Lessa tells him there's nothing to apologize for.

As they arrive, Fandarel is trying to work out something with Wansor, who has fallen asleep. Fandarel welcomes Lessa and F'lar, and explains that he'd been trying to work out a distance-viewer.

Fandarel is clearly tired, but still working hard. After Terry orders some food for the Mastersmith, he leads them to his distance writer, a complex arrangements of wires and ceramic pots. F'lar looks at it skeptically. Fandarel explains hot it works, using something he called "chemical reaction energy", or "c.r. energy" for short, and a special code adapted from the Harpers' drum-codes. By writing a message on one distance-writer, it would show up on another distance-writer in a different location, faster than dragonflight. Essentially, it was a form of telegraph.

Food arrives. Lessa was dismayed by the indifferent service, and even more so by the poor quality. Lessa tells them that she would send some of the women from the Lower Caverns, Kenalas and her two cronies, to take over the cooking.

Fandarel and Terry remark that there were a lot of Records lost to decay, and time taken out to copy those still legible was taking much of their time. F'lar suggested that they ask Robinton to send some apprentices to copy out Records for them.

Fandarel and Terry agree that that was a good idea, remarking that the more information can be saved, and the mor who know it, the better off Pern as a whole would be.

F'lar asks if it would be possible to lay wire to Telgar Hold within two days to set up a distance-writer there. Fandarel and Terry agree that it woudl be possible, if they were able to bring apprentices to the Smithcrafthall from other Holds by dragonback, which F'lar immediately agrees to.

Finally F'lar gets to F'nor's message, showing it to Lessa, Fandarel, and Terry, who are intrigued by the idea of fire-lizards being Impressed.

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