Ranks of Dragonriders
Weyrleader and Weyrwoman

Dragonriders are individuals who ride dragons. Dragonriders live apart from the people they protect, in special Weyrs. Depending on context, the term may also refer more narrowly to those dragonriders in fighting wings who are not wingleaders or wingseconds.

During the Second Long Interval, most Dragonriders came from within the Weyrs, especially in the last few few decades as Nemorth's clutches were few, and small when eggs were laid. When the Ninth Pass began, and Ramoth laid large clutches, the custom was revived of seeking candidates from the Holds and Crafts.

A person may be presented as a candidate for an egg between the ages of 12 and 20. During the Ninth Pass, older candidates were preferred.

Originally, roughly equal numbers of male and female candidates were presented to the eggs. However, over time, the number of female candidates dropped, and more and more males began Impressing Greens. By the time the Ninth Pass began, girls were never accepted as Candidates unless there was a gold egg.