Chapter 9 Dragonsblood Chapter 11

First Pass 50 (58 AL)

Wind Blossom wakes up from a nightmare about a danger to the dragons. She figured it was simply extrapolating frmo the fire-lizard. It had taken seventeen days to save Tieran's fire-lizard. The dead one had been dissolved in boiling nitric acid. She'd examined the sputum from the living fire-lizard under a microscope, but it proved to be of little use. Surprisingly, it seemed that those were the only two fire-lizards with the illness.

Kassa and Emorra had also had similar dreams.

Moira brings their breakfast that morning, careful to avoid contamination by leaving the plate near the tent and backing away before Tieran gets it. She had been the one who regularly delivered their food. Wind Blossom asks her to tell Janir to stockpile at least 30 barrels of nitric acid, in case another fire-lizard, or worse, dragon, should be found with the disease.

There had been an inquiry into the beads found on the fire-lizard, but so far, there'd been no luck. No holds had reported anyone putting beads on fire-lizards. Many of the holders felt that the concern over the sick fire-lizard was making much ado of nothing.

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