Chapter 11 Dragonsblood Chapter 13

First Pass 50 (58 AL)

M'hall watches the sky for any signs of Thread. It appears that the Pass is finally over. He has Torene assign a watch rider, and sends the rest back to the Weyr. He wonders what he's going to do now during the Interval.

The Dragonriders gather for a celebration of the end of the Pass, toasting "absent friends".

At the College, celebrations are also going on for the end of the Pass. Emorra was drunk. Emorra wondered where Tieran was. She hears his voice from a classroom, and that of a woman. Recognizing it as her mother's voice, she barges in, her alcohol-muddled mind mistakingly thinking they were having some kind of affair.

Tieran, Wind Blossom, and Janir are discussing the differences between fire-lizard and dragon PNA, and specifically the disease that the two fire-lizards had had. In the conversation, the fire-lizard's name comes up ("Grenn"). Tieran remarks that that was the name that had been on the bead harness he'd had. They inspect it, and see that the owner was a beastholder. Emorra remarks that she'd gotten a messag from Igen about a plan to begin a beadworks. No beads had been brought over from Landing, indicating that the beads should not exist.

Later, M'hall arrives at the College, asking about the fire-lizards and the medical emergency. Wind Blossom tells him what they know so far, telling him about the beads. They agree that the fire-lizards had probably come from the future, and that it indicates a probable epidemic among the fire-lizards, which may very well cross over to the dragons, and, though much less likely, the whers. They go on to talk about other matters, such as the early onset of dementia, and the Eridani Way. M'hall suggets that she take some time off. She decides to take him up on the suggestion

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