Chapter 14 Dragonsblood Chapter 16

First Interval 1 (58 AL)

Wind Blossom decides to take a vacation in Tillek. M'hall transports her there. They are greeted there by Malon, the new Lord Holder of Tillek, who tells her that he had a spot picked out for her, isolated from prying eyes, with an all-purpose shelter.

Wind Blossom sees a chained green watch-wher (named Tilsk), she is angered at the wher's chaining, and insists that it must be trained, and then let free, sharing with Malon the whers' true purpose.

Wind Blossom was attempting to contact the dolphins, but turned away offers of assistance, as she had a secret to protect.

Emorra finds Tieran late one night in one of the classrooms, working on the problem of what made the fire-lizards sick. Emorra and Tieran discuss the problem.

Wind Blossom had gotten a number of needed items from the dolphins, things that had been believed to be lost in the Second Crossing. M'hall picked her up, noting that her carisak was heavier than when she'd arrived. Returning to the College, she is met by Emorra and Tieran.

The next day, Wind Blossom shows them the items she'd collected in one of the laboratories. Among the items is a gene sequencer and a code viewer, tuned to Pernese genetic code. Tieran wonders if it would make more sense to leave the equipment for those who needed it. Wind Blossom agreed that it would "if they could learn how to use the equipment in time".

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