Chapter 16 Dragonsblood Chapter 18

First Interval 1 (58 AL)

Wind Blossom slept fitfully. Outside the College, it was storming. She worried about the possibility of a disease hitting the fire-lizards and dragons, and that she might not be able to convince the Weyrleaders and Holders to work to guard against a remote possibility.

A loud thunderclap, without lightning, startled her completely awake. She heard something more, something special, urgent. She raced out into the pouring rain. Tieran and his fire-lizard were out there also. Tieran pointed in the sky. They saw a dragon falling from the sky. Tieran rushes over to the dragon, and cuts off a silver buckle from the riding harness, plunging it, with his hands, into the agenothree which had been brought to destroy the corpse.

By the morning, the dragon was nothing but a steaming skeletal remain. She was disturbed by the memory of the dragon's skin, bottled, patchy, pockmarked, as though constantly changing. Tieran offers to stay, to keep watch over the dragon's remains.

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