Chapter 18 Dragonsblood Chapter 20

First Interval 1 (58 AL)

M'hall arrives at the College. Tieran sends his fire-lizard, Grenn, up, to tell M'hall that it was safe, but to land at a distance. M'hall approaches the smoldering remains of the young queen. He asks if they were sure it was a queen, as it was so small. Tieran points to the skull and shows that it must've been very young, less than six months old, stunning M'hall, as a queen that young shouldn't be so big. Tieran replies that ths' about the size expected around the 30th generation, from over 400 Turns in the future. Tieran shows M'hall the beadworks found on the queen.

A hastily-arranged meeting of various Craftmasters, Holders and Weyrleaders is held in the College's Dining Room. Emorra calls the meeting to order.

Lord Holder Kenner of Telgar was skeptical that it was a queen, being so small. Tieran replies that it was due to its youth, probably as little as two months. Emorra tells the group that the queen was probably a hatchling from between the 30th and 40th generations, which mean nothing to the Lord Holders, while the Weyrleaders were stunned. It is revealed that the dragon came from the future, which involves telling the assembles leaders about the ability to time it.

Mendin dismissed the problem as something not affecting them therefore, and tried to get the meeting to go to the next item on the agenda. Tieran points out that there was no immediate danger. If the disease were to be brought back to the present, either the dragons would die out (which clearly did not happen), or the surviving dragons would pass on their immunity (which would mean no future plague), thus it was a logical impossibility for the disease to come to the present. Wind Blossom announces a third possibility, that the queen from the future was a modified watch-wher, as there were signs of genetic manipulation. Emorra points out the high probability that knowledge of genetics would not survive into the next generation, much less 400 Turns in the future. The discussion turns to how they of the present day would be able to help their descendants.

Wind Blossom says that they must provide the technology to sequence PNA and manipulate it, along with information on how to use it, somewhere where their descendants could get to it when they needed.

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